Timber windows

Timeless Window Range:

  • Hand built using traditional methods
  • Durable materials and designs
  • Sashes only, reactivation or complete replacement
  • Single or double glazed
  • New windows meet all appropriate building regs
  • Profiles and mouldings to match your exacting requirements
  • Fully draught proofed
  • Supplied fully decorated
  • Fitted by our own team or supply only options
  • Range of ironmongery finishes available
  • Ranges of panels and shutters available to complement
  • Profile details available upon request
  • ‘A’ Rated energy efficiency available


Traditional Box Sliding Sash Windows

Traditionally hung with pulleys, cords and weights, this window consists of two vertically sliding sashes counterbalanced with metal weights. Great care has been taken in the design of our windows and selection of materials to ensure the year round smooth operation. Internally or externally installed options available.

Traditional Box Sash Window & Brass Pulley

For even smoother operation of your sliding sash windows, we can incorporate our sashmasta product. Visit the Sashmasta section of our window improvement services section for further details.

Spiral Hung Sliding Sash Windows

Similar to our traditional Operated by pre- tensioned springs recessed into the sash, the removal of the pulleys cords and weights means that the outer frame section can be very much reduced and the glass size increased

Casement Windows and French Casement Windows

Available as flush fitting or stormproof profiles, our traditional casement windows operate on butt hinges with traditional ironmongery.