Traditional craftsmanship:

Our joinery products are hand-built at our workshops in Ireland. For the last 35 years we have gained experience through producing and replicating some of the finest custom made windows and doors available. Building regulations and conservation restrictions will affect some of the design possibilities; the only further restriction is the best practice use of our high performance materials.

We can design new windows and doors based around your needs, be this to match an existing design or to deliver against your architect’s vision. We take time to understand your requirements and will advise what will best suit your requirements. At all times we seek to embrace the principles of conservation, performance improvement and reduction of waste.

We are not limited by a range of profiles that a certain machine can produce – we utilise traditional methods of craftsmanship that have remain essential unchanged for hundreds of years.


We work with Accoya and European Oak for durability and sustainability to offer industry leading guarantees of up to 50 years

If you are investing in a quality joinery product, it follows that we should produce this product in a material that is going to stand the test of time. The seasoned pitch pine that was commonly used when many original sash windows were made is all but impossible to source in sustainable quantities.

Through years of experience working with a variety of timbers, we are confident that Accoya offers the best value for long term durability of a window or door and we are happy to supply meaningful guarantees to that effect.


Modified timber (acetylised Radiata Pine) with known performance characteristics that far exceed most natural timber species. Produces dimensionally stable, durable timber products. Suitable for use in the production of all types of windows and doors. Accoya carries FSC certification is suitable for both painted and stained finishes and is guaranteed not to rot for a period of 50 years.

European Oak

Traditional construction material, used for its strength, durability and attractive appearance. This slow growing hardwood offers good abrasion resistance. As this timber can be prone to movement, for doors we prefer to use knot free, laminated European Oak.


We can match any colour that you may require and spray or brush applied durable, water based coatings.

For painted finishes we utilise the Teknos range of coatings for their consistency of application, richness of colour and durability of finish. Using the RAL system of shade referencing, it is possible for us to colour match our coatings to most widely available manufacturers colour ranges. These water based coatings are less harmful to the environment than oil based paints and we spray apply our coatings in our workshops to control the impact to both the environment and our workers.

The microporous coatings allow the timber to breathe but keep the moisture out resulting in more dimensionally stable timber. The coatings do allow for some elastic movement with the timber which prevents the paint film from splitting, promoting longer intervals between decoration – typically up to 10 years.

Where required, we also offer an option for a brush applied finish.


We utilise a wide range of glazing materials to achieve specific improvements including:

  • Slim profile, high performance double glazed units (using soft coat low e glass) featuring argon and krypton gas fill
  • Toughened and laminated safety glasses
  • Traditional appearance crown or cylinder glass
  • Privacy and obscured glass
  • Low reflection, low iron glass
  • Decorative lead glass units
  • Noise reduction laminates and double glazed units