People always ask us about how to best improve their timber windows or doors. The simple answer is, unhelpfully, that it depends!

There are a number of things that can be undertaken, but the physical form, condition, conservation status and nature of the improvements required all contribute toward the most effective intervention. So if you have French doors and simply wish to stop rattles and draughts, this has a very different requirement to reducing noise levels from traditional sash windows in a listed building next to a busy road.

We realise that ‘it depends’ doesn’t give a great deal of understanding or clarity, so as experts in such matters, we have introduced a handy guide to our website that will hopefully shed a little light on the situation.

As we offer both bespoke joinery manufacturing and a range of improvement services we can offer the combination of products and services that will deliver lasting performance.

Please feel free to download our pdf, but if you’d would like to know more or to arrange a free, no obligation survey with one of knowledgeable surveyors, please call us on 020 7061 6262 or visit today. With some superb special offers available for orders received before the end of April, now is the perfect time to get things started!