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Given the bespoke nature of our products and the wide variety of services that we offer, you can imagine the broad range of questions that we get asked about everything to do with windows, doors and period properties. If you have a question why not give us a call? We’ve noted some answers to commonly asked questions which we hope you will find helpful.

Do you make your own windows?

Yes, our bespoke joinery facility in Ireland produces new windows and doors to the highest quality. As our product is hand made, we can offer a great deal of customisation to match your requirements. If you are trying to match a particular profile or moulding, talk to us about how we might achieve this.

Do you employ your own fitters?

Yes. Given the delicate relationship between repair and replacement services that we offer, our joiners also work as fitters. We have extremely low levels of staff turnover, so many of our workers have timed served skills in many areas of our operation. As we offer a turnkey package, it is important that everyone involved in the process adheres to the same values and works to the same standards. We also benefit from learned experiences and have control over the quality of our finish.

Do you offer a standard window?

We can offer a ‘typical’ detail for a complete replacement window if you are not looking to match a particular profile based on certain appearance and performance characteristics. There will still be variables to consider but we can talk you through these.

Do you make tilting sash windows?

This is not a product that we would ordinarily offer. We see many examples of tilting and sliding sash windows where the frame is sound but the mechanism no longer works. Replacement of the mechanism is near impossible to undertake with the window in position. We tend to work with traditional box sash windows and spirally hung sliding sash windows.

Why don’t you offer a greater range of timbers?

We have worked with a wide range of timbers over the last 35 years. As the timber has a great effect on our product performance we are keen to offer a durable product that is not negatively impacting our environment. As we understand the performance and provenance of the timbers we offer as standard we are less inclined to recommend other species. As a bespoke joinery company we are of course happy to consider alternatives at your request

Is it better to repair or replace?

This is a complex question to answer and depends on a combination of existing window condition, the improvements required, any restrictions to change due to the status of the building and of course the budget available. We strongly advocate the conservation of original materials where this is appropriate to the improvements required.

Do you offer decoration services?

Yes we do – our new windows, doors and screens come fully factory decorated in a hard wearing, microporous finish, we can also offer on-site decoration services as part of our improvement services.

Do you offer slimlite glazing?

Just because something is popular, it does not necessarily represent good value. We have considered this approach very carefully and as the method of manufacture of these units is not in accordance with the component manufacturer’s recommended best practice, the risk of failure is extremely high – typically 3-5 years. We do not believe that this represents a suitable return on investment and as the profiles and joints of the original sashes were not designed the increased weight, we recommend that replacement of the sashes will give a more satisfactory, long term result. We do offer slim profile double glazed units with options for beaded or puttied edges and would be delighted to talk about their appropriate applications.

How do your prices compare?

As you learn more about us, it will become apparent that we operate at the quality end of the market. We do look to make our pricing as competitive as possible and we trust that you will find this favourable against other high end timber window providers.

What permission do I need?

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve. Have a look at our “What do I need” section to gain an understanding of the variety of permissions required against different types of intervention. If you are in any doubt please call us. Complete replacement windows should be fitted by a FENSA registered contractor or will require sign off from your local building control (payable)

Are there grants or subsidies available to help with the cost of my replacement timber windows?

Sadly there does not seem to be much available for the humble home owner. It would be worth checking with your council to see if they offer any home improvement grants. Initiatives such as the recently launched Green Deal are not likely to have an effect and the previously available reduced rates of VAT for draught sealing are being removed