Accoya® wood is currently being used for the following applications:

  • Decking
  • doors and windows
  •  ground and waterworks
  •  cladding, siding and facades
  •  garden furniture
  •  Conservatories
  •  civil engineering including glulam beams
  •  velodromes

Accoya® can be used in other applications where strength, durability and environmental protection are important.

Wood modification opens a new and broad range of innovative applications for timber, for which architects and designers have hitherto only considered using steel, synthetic materials or concrete. For example, a heavy loadbearing traffic bridge in the Netherlands, measuring twenty metres high by forty metres long, was completed in 2008 (see Figure 8). The structure comprises three- dimensional double bent glue-laminated beams, with exceptional dimensions of 1400 x 1080 mm. The minimal required life expectancy of the bridge is 80 years, with minimal maintenance and high safety level. Accoya® is the first ever modified wood used for heavy traffic bridges, finding its place in civil engineering projects.