about us

Timeless people:

At Timeless Wood Windows we are passionate about the sensitive improvement of traditional timber windows and doors. We employ a skilled workforce equally capable of working at the bench or on-site and our timed served craftsmen can rightly be called experts in this field.

Our senior management team have hands-on experience spanning several decades, and our London based team have worked locally for many years.

All members of our team are passionate about their roles, committed to the creation of first class product and the delivery of services. Our breadth of experience and extensive range of products and services mean that you can engage with us on a turnkey basis.

Our detailed knowledge in all aspects of timber window improvement allows us to offer the most appropriate solution to your requirements and circumstances. We have seen the long term effect of improvements and for this reason will not make certain products or processes available (see what do I need?) as this does not represent long term value. We also have a sound knowledge of what permissions are required and can help with achieving these.

Whilst we have the resource, capability and credentials to work on larger commercial and restoration projects, our services are also available to owners of flats and houses with more modest requirements. We attend to matters swiftly and efficiently and aim to make it a pleasure to deal with us.

Timeless product:

Joinery products throughout history have tremendous variations based on the type of property, location, materials available, architect or designer and even the carpenter. All of these details contribute to the character of the finished product and the unique detail forms an important part of the story. All too often an original detail is removed and something ‘similar’ inserted in its place.

At Timeless we pride ourselves on the ability to replicate in every detail (if this is required).

We make available to you a comprehensive and turnkey combination of workshop-based restoration and on-site improvement services to suit a wide range of circumstances, requirements and budgets.

What’s more we take care to utilise the most environmentally friendly materials and techniques